How you can see personal characteristics? What tells secrets what is not said? since centuries poets, novelists and composers were painting and cultivating the center beauty – they eyes

The eyes are the first thing we look on when we meet new people. The eyes are the first we notice before judging about prettiness. The eyes seem to tell us about good and bad… about love and passion… about sadness – almost about everything. Since the eyes are the center of any beauty – don’t hide them!!! The beauty of our eyes is the most important thing we should take care of and talk about.  The dark circles are the first enemy of the eyes and the enemy of most of the ladies. In an era of electronics like the TV, Laptops and Smartphones our eyes are facing continuous stress every day. Lights, LED`s and other technical advantages of our modern life are stressful to the eyes. Lack of sleep and bad nutrition are doing the rest.

 Here are some ingredients and homemade Tipp’s to help you cope with this implacable enemy



  •          almond oil
  •          mint juice

Grease dark circles with a mixture of almond oil and mint juice with cotton swabs.

– Three times a day.


 Rose water

  •       Rose water.

 Soak cotton pieces in rose water, Put the cotton on your closed eyelids and leave them for 15 minutes.

– Every day for a few weeks.

 glossymorning_tea bag therapy for tired puffy eyes


  •        Tea bag

Use a tea bag of black tea. Use luke-warm water- until the tea bag is wet. Put it on your closed eye and leave it for 10 minutes.


Almond oil

Put a little amount of almond oil around the eyes before going to sleep, Leave it on for the whole night, – clean in the morning with rinse cold water.

 Keep up on it daily until the dark circles disappear.



  •        Tablespoon of tomato juice
  •        A teaspoon of lemon juice.

 Mix the tablespoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice, Apply the mixture on the dark circles gently for 10 minutes, then remove the mixture rinse with water.

 – Twice a day for a few weeks.


You can drink a glass of tomato juice with some mint, lemon juice and salt papers, and you get a definite result after some time. It is also an effective nutrition Drink. Drink it immediately after preparation. Once or twice a week.


Press the potatoes until the potatoes- liquid goes out. Put liquid on a cotton pad and put it on your closed eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash your eyes.

– Once or twice a day for a few weeks.
You should use the potato slices directly on the affected areas to get rid of spots and auras.




Cut the cucumber into thick slices a bit then put them in the refrigerator to cool for half an hour. Then put them on your eyes and on the spots, dark circles areas of your face for 10 minutes and then wash with water.

Twice a day until the black marks disappear completely.


  •        Cucumber juice
  •       Lemon juice

Mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities and then use a cotton ball to put the mixture on the affected skin and leave it for 15 minutes – then wash it off with water

 -Daily for two weeks or more.