In most cases, women are responsible for the family- everything must be submitted to the family healthy food choices and appropriate. She takes care of the family and sponsors always keen to provide better for her family. In the same time, it is important for her to take care of herself and know which food she should choose a daily to protect her health.

Calcium on top of the list of daily vitamins for women.

There are a number of vitamins that women should take daily to maintain a healthy body. These vitamins are essential to allow her body to function in a natural way to provide them with health care. For these reasons, let us look on the best 9 daily vitamins for women to consume!

1 – Calcium:

Top in the list of daily vitamins for women. In order to maintain bone health calcium is very important. Some important Sources for calcium are milk – and eggs products.


2- Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is necessary to assist the absorption of calcium. The amount of milk products and eggs you eat doesn`t matter, because the miss of vitamin D prevents the absorption of calcium. One of the best sources of Vitamin D is the sun.

3- Vitamin A:

its useful in cases of heavy periods times, and premenstrual syndromes, lumpy breasts and vaginal infections. It is also said that it is useful in cases of breast cancer.

4 – Vitamin B1:

Vitamin B1 helps to convert sugar into energy. Large sources of vitamin B1 are in lean meat, nuts and whole grains.

5 – Vitamin B2:

Boosts the immune system and keeps the skin, nails and hair health; and works to slow the aging process of the skin and, most importantly, enhance the reproductive immune system. Primary sources of this vitamin are milk and green leafy vegetables.

6 – Vitamin B6:

Beneficial to women for the treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual problems and nausea during the early pregnancy. It is also useful to stop the flow of milk after childbirth and pregnancy-related depression. Sources of B6 are avocados, bananas and nuts.

7 – Folic acid:

When it comes to pregnancy for women, folic acid becomes one of the vitamins that women should take a daily basis. This vitamin is prescribed to prevent miscarriage or birth defects avoid opportunities. Green leafy vegetables are an important source of folic acid. But folic Acid and Irion can also be used as Food Supplement.

8 – Vitamin C:

For a healthy body and mind, a sufficient amount of vitamin C is necessary for both men and women. Not only helps to keep colds but has other advantages, such as strengthening the skin, hair and nail health, and improve physical stamina and slow down the aging process. Citrus is the best source of vitamin C.

9 – vitamin E:

It is also known as tocopherol. It plays a key role in the formation of red blood cells and in the maintenance of cell membranes. Vitamin E may slow age-related changes. Adults with intestinal disorders of malabsorption may be deficient in vitamin E. But taking too much vitamin E daily increases the risk of bleeding.

Food sources of vitamin E include margarine, corn oil, cod-liver oil, nuts, peanut butter, safflower oil, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ.