Hello everybody today ill write my first post about How to dry any kind of hair in the right way…
We all do know the Problems of dry-blow our hair. We all do wonder how some people around us have a look as if they just came right away from the hairdresser but in real they just fall out of their bed. The secret is not hidden in the haircut these people do have or the hair- style finishing products they use – No – in most cases it is simply hidden in the way we blow- dry our hair. Doesn’t matter if curly, long or short. I will give you a short introduction how to blow- dry your hair in the right way that you never gonna face again a bad- hair day. Just consider you don’t have the wrong hair.
First of all I just would like to give some general short tips how to blow dry any style in general.
Short Hair
Never dry the hair to 100 % with a towel – better gently squeeze the towel. Then swirl with a hair dryer lukewarm by the hair until they are about 80 percent dry. Keep your hair a bit wet – up to 20 % -so you can style it in the best way
To bring the hair in style from now – use a big flat vent brush while blow-drying. If you need a round brush, then take one with thermal protection (available in every drugstore or for more money at the hairdresser). The cooling phase after blow-drying is very important. Only when the hair has cooled, it should be shaken or combed in the final look.
Semi-Long Hair
Half-length hair should be pressed dry in a gently way. Don’t rub! In order to bring semi-long hair in shape, you need a mousse. Use not more mousse than the size of a tennis ball and knead in the hair. Please start with the scalp and then go from the scalp to the tips. Blow dry your hairs easily from down and always observe the minimum distance of 30 cm, until they are only a little damp. Now blow dry with a thick round brush in the finishing style.
Long Hair
Long hair – and I know what I am talking about – is the most care-intense hair. The best thing to do and I highly recommend is to use a Leave-in-Conditioner after washing the hair. The Leave-in-Conditioner will protect the hair against Heat from blow-drying. After this knead the hair dry with a really dry towel. When your hair is towel-dry – comb it with a big crude brush.

Blow-dry the hair until it is almost dry and drag the tips carefully with a brush. Some Shine spray for finishing and you’re done!
Curly hair – thick Hair
Curly hair in general needs (same like thick hair) a care that is specifically adapted to curly hair. Please press the hair with a towel until it is almost dry and don’t rub it dry after washing, Use the hairdryer in a lukewarm modus and carefully blow dry it until it is almost dry. Then knead in a hair mousse for curly hair and blow-dry it dry with a diffuser attachment. Then knead some hair cream for more shine and ready is the dream.

After this short introduction of blow-drying it is the big question of which hairdryer I should use – Now I want to show you guys the best blow dryer I’ve ever used , it works beautifully , its not heavy and its very strong dries my hair quickly …


parlux .3500

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With all my dryers I have been trying and using over the time I spent across 25-35 minutes for just drying my hair. The most popular problem all we know is the heavy weight most of hairdryer have – keeping it for more than 20 minutes just to dry our hair is not just a headache for the arms – it is actual a headache in the daily time pressure we all do face.
Another problem I was facing with most hairdryers I have been using over the time – they make hair not just dry –no – they do burn the hair and it goes dry from inside and it breaks …

Yeah the Parlux hairdryer is expensive but very good, it took me a while to justify spending so much money on a hairdryer but so far it has been worth it.
I had wasted so much money over the years buying cheap hair dryer and I was tired of spending 30 minutes drying my hair, this hairdryer cut my time to 10 minutes which is really very helpfully when I’m getting ready for work… It’s really awesome.