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Natural foundation

Hello guys, today ill speak about foundation I have ever used before, I’ve always loved foundation that looks like skin, and more importantly, let me skin breath! But sometimes foundations don’t really make a difference! I have found this foundation my absolute favorite foundation that not only make your skin look flawless, but also keep you feeling light and natural ! It’s URBAN DECAY

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup


This one is really incredible! It’s super smooth buildable coverage, long wearing, oil-free, demi-matte finish.

Absolutely amazing! I love this foundation. Very light- not oily.

It’s really gorgeous for someone who wants a natural finish which is a bit on the matte side. Amazingly beautiful and look sooo natural on. It honestly made my skin look natural, like it was just gorgeous skin, not makeup!


was very excited about this product and loved that it was right for my skin tone (I got my skin toned match to it in store). It is super lightweight, which I love, and watery making it easy to work with. Unfortunately, with my sensitive skin its really difficult, not anything work well. If I had any breakouts, it made them worse and overall. It dried out my skin and made my face itchy. Also, the smell was too much for me to handle personally. It has a strange, chemical smell to it.



Urban Decay

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup available in:



Price: 33,99 €

United kingdom


Price: 28,00£



Price: 34,90€


United States


Price: 39,00$


Hello guys,, I would like to write about foundations routine and basically which foundations I like to use.

Today I gonna give you guys my favorite kind of foundations, typically I reach the once I keep in my makeup, ill start with the ones I am using most of the time.

The first one, which is defiantly my priority choice, is Chanel’s PERFECTION LUMIÈRE foundation long-wear. It really is one of the best foundations I use – really incredible! It’s super smooth and sort of fluid foundation with lightweight. It stays for aprox.15 hours and looks so natural. The Foundation is matte finish and really good to correct on various skin imperfections such as dark spots and redness – It is offering adjustable coverage and actually creates the illusion of smooth skin. I just can recommend it highly.





available at DEBENHAMS

price: 36.00£


available at SEPHORA

price: 57.00$ÈRE-123093


available at DOUGLAS

PRICE: 46,99€ère-Teint-Fluide_productbrand_3000046680.html

hyped ruby woo true color for true women,,

There is mostly just one lipstick color out of millions which really makes me happy.

Its Classic, hyped and sort of cult – im talking about MAC’s ruby woo lipstick. It is Cherry red lipstick and I Love this lipstick. In my personal it’s one of those reds that suit a lot of complexions.

Matte finish, which means that it is quite dry if you’re applying it on your lips without a little lip balm before – but it lasts forever and on the other hand it is still easy to remove compared to other Matte finish products!! Definitely recommend

Also a beautiful colour, always get compliments when I wear it! Still would recommend to anyone! Its super luxurious and the product is AhhhMAZING! It looks gorgeous on every women lips and stays long time. Mac really has always been a favorite for me with this…

I always have to use a little vaseline to remove it completely 😉

glossymorning_mac's ruby woo lipstick 4

glossymorning_macs ruby woo lipstick 3





available at DEBENHAMS

PRICE: 13.95 £


available at MACCOSMETICS 

PRICE: 16,00$


available at DOUGLAS.DE 

PRICE: 20,00 €


Since long time I am using `Benefit’s they’re Real Mascara`. This mascara –for my personal use- might be one of the very good ones I have been using over the time.

Over the years I’ve tried many mascaras and there is always one that remains my favorite and my “got-to” and for quite some time this mascara always stayed with me. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara gives you everything you need, from super insane length, to extremely bold and thick lashes! It gives incredible volume lashes, so it is easy to see why this mascara is my favorite. It absolutely doesn’t flake, smudge, run, budging or crumbling, smear or irritate my eyes and it is incredibly long lasting- but doesn’t require you to rip your lashes out in order to remove it. All in all this is a amazing mascara and I’m sure it will be one your favorites for many years to come.


Benefit mascara

Available at Sephora
Price: 23$

Available at
Price: 24 €…Products.000001

lovely blush ;)

Review, Photos, Swatches

I’m really crazy about this blush- fanatic to describe it, is an understatement!
Okay, I really love all makeup, but I seriously understand the importance of flushed cheeks!
I fell in love with this blusher. For starters it is the prettiest rose I have ever seen! It’s k
Okay, I really love all makeup, but I seriously understand the importance of flushed cheeks!
I fell in love with this blusher. For starters it is the prettiest rose I have ever seen! It’s kind of a baby, so this blush can go light or build it up – but even a little can go a long way, and it’s stunning! It’s one of those blushers that look good on anyone and can be worn heavy or light to give you a rose flush. It Looks like a natural blush after being out of the sun as some of my deeper coloured blushers but don’t be afraid of this blush if you are medium toned or lighter overall – fair to good may need to reapply when going from day to night. Though I `am not sure how it would hold up for someone with more oily skin (I’m mostly oily at t-zone). But I love how it is!
I am deeply sure it will work with pretty much any makeup look, so I love it! Its beautiful on the skin, and lasts really well!
I appreciate this blush for it`s pretty Color -rosy-light bronze with some shimmer –really looks great!

PRICE : 22.00$

mac blush 2


the name of the color

color blush on hand

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